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Homologation Special: Lancer Evo VI TME

If you think back to the late 90s rally scene I’m pretty sure the red Mitsubishi Lancer of Tommi Mäkinen is one of the first things that come to your mind. To commemorate his four consecutive driver’s championships (1996, ’97, ’98 and ’99) Mitsubishi launched a special edition of their Lancer Evolution VI, calling it…
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29/11/2022 0

Going Further South: Destination Magione

It’s already been 13 years since I started wandering from one circuit to another looking for cars to film, events and tests but I admit that I got a bit stranded in the same locations, both for convenience and, maybe, out of laziness too. In particular I still have to tick off from my list…
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03/02/2022 0

Elise CR supercharged 1.0

During the last years I met many Lotus enthusiast and owners, but I never had the right motivation of doing a proper photoshoot of one of these little fun cars. Until one of my big friends managed to make his dream of buying an Elise come true less then a few months ago. The little…
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21/01/2019 0