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Latest News

The Greatest Automotive Week in Switzerland

A few years ago I started to keep an eye on an interesting historic hillclimb event which was taking place on one of my favorite mountain roads in Switzerland, the[…] Read more

29/12/2022 0

Homologation Special: Lancer Evo VI TME

If you think back to the late 90s rally scene I’m pretty sure the red Mitsubishi Lancer of Tommi Mäkinen is one of the first things that come to your[…] Read more

29/11/2022 0

The 21.5-litre Benz Which Makes The Earth Shake

You understand you are getting old when a certain type of cars that had never fascinated you before begins to interest you and, sometimes, makes you more excited than most[…] Read more

31/10/2022 0